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office. a lot of new york governors not for the new york governor's race but america's mayor might just have political muscle needed to try to get into hillary clinton's old seat and flip that from blue to red. here now is david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" and mark whittaker. first of all, rudy out. doesn't seem like he wants to take on andrew quoemo who is ahead in that democratic race, but the numbers would show, david, that kirsten gillibrand and the numbers show 54 to 40% rudy would be her head-to-head. >> a real problem for the democrat physical he does try to challenge her in the senate and no question that she appears more vulnerable at this point if he wants to get back into politics. >> but, mark whittaker, when we're talking about the republicans. got to play you a little bit of what hayly barber, the head of the republican governors had to say when asked if sarah palin. i know you had him on "meet the press" and last night after the rollout of the book and the whole book tour, chris matthews on "hardball" asked him whether sarah palin is qualified to be president.
recognize. i think it's very important for them when they come to america or to any other country -- >> i think, though -- >> that they can see what they eat. they can recognize the food. >> i think the same is -- >> well, they went back and forth and back and forth. but basically he was saying that they used to, as you know, salary, make extravagant desserts that were particularly designed for the country that was being hosted. and for the guests they spend seven weeks designing a particular country's specific dessert. here it was pecan pie and pumpkin pie. do you think that's a quibble? >> well, obviously if you are the pastry chef, you want the pastry to be the extravagant part of the meal. i can see his point. i think that it's always nice if you come out with some incredible flaming something or make a grand statement at the end. they could have done that. i don't think that the prime minister or anyone else was slighted by it or would have even thought of it if he hadn't mentioned it. i can see his point. if you're the pastry chef you would really want to be featured. >> bringing in
of what is america's most special invitation for anything, quite frankly. >> the reagan/gorbachev dinner. i was covering the first reagan/gorbachev dinner in 1987 and a magical moment when van clineburg who had won the prize years earlier as a youth he played a folk song and it really broke the ice. i think we have a little bit of that video. it was moscow nights. ♪ >> and there you see them singing along ask it was probably the first time the ice was broken at that dinner. it was very, very smart for nancy reagan to have brought in van kleinburg and we also talk about fashion when we talk about state dinners and already we have seen michelle obama at the arrival ceremony today dressed in very bright orange color. any word, any early word of what she's going to be wearing tonight? >> she has not let anyone in on who and what she'll be wearing tonight. typically, you know, even for the inaugural, the designer that she chose didn't even know she chose him until he saw pictures. that's pretty much her style, i think. some dresses laid out and she picks the best one. but perhaps she doesn'
, specifically not wanting her help. yet she in certain parts of the country in red state america, right here in ft. wayne, certainly we saw it in michigan, she is a rock star, and has a big political impact. how do they figure out whether to include her in 2010's plans? is she going to be raising money for them? is she a factor they can't control? >> that's a dilemma for republicans, and the entire republican party. the elections that we saw in virginia and new jersey and also in that new york 23 congressional race gave to pass republicans. on the one hand, you would see chris christie and bob mcdonnell, trying to win over independent voters. and in the new york 23 race, where sarah palin involved herself, all of a sudden, that didn't work all that well for republicans. they went hard right, and now a democrat controls that seat. so there are two paths. and republicans have to walk it very gingerly in some respects, because they don't want have to alienate the base, the people who are fired up and really like sarah palin. but on the other hand know that all of the polls show that independent
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5